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Steps to Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

1. Marijuana Evaluation

The first step is to get evaluated by a certified medical marijuana doctor. Only certified marijuana doctors can certify a medical marijuana patient in Florida. The patient must be a Florida resident and have a valid Florida ID or driver’s license. The doctor follows state of Florida guidelines which list qualifying medical conditions, and can also write a recommendation for medical conditions of similar kind or class as those listed. The patient must have a 90 day relationship with the doctor before purchasing marijuana from the licensed growers and dispensary organizations. Insurance, medicare, and medicaid do not cover medical marijuana evaluations, or medical marijuana.

2. Medical Marijuana Patient Registry

After the doctor certifies a medical marijuana patient, basic information is entered into the state of Florida Department of Health Compassionate Use Registry. Information that can identify the patient is entered such as patient name and address. Medical history or diagnosis information is not shared with the registry. A patient number is issued to each patient. Licensed marijuana growers, dispensaries, and law enforcement use the registry to verify valid patients. In the event that you are stopped by law enforcement while carrying marijuana in Florida all you need to do is provide the officer with your registry number to avoid being arrested for carrying medical marijuana.

3. Florida Cannabis Card Issued

After the doctor sees the patient, and has entered the patient into the registry the patient is ready to submit the Department of Health form. The Florida Department of Health issues the medical marijuana card directly to the patient. The ONLY valid medical marijuana card in Florida is issued by the Department of Health. If you received a card from another source it is a marketing gimmick and not valid. Cards issued by other sources will not be honored by licensed growers or dispensary organizations.

4. Doctor Recommends Medical Marijuana Dosage

Once the 90 days passes, the doctor enters dosage information into the registry. The guidelines on dosage are to start low and go slow. The doctor can order up to a 45 day supply for each patient.

5. Purchase Medical Marijuana from Growers and Dispensing Organizations

The patient can purchase the entire 45 day order at once, or break up the order into smaller orders. Some growers deliver statewide directly to your home. Dispensaries are being opened statewide. Insurance does not cover medical marijuana. Concentrated extracts, oral spray tincture, and ground flowers are available. High CBD, high THC, or a combination of both are available. Sativa, indica, and hybrid is available.

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